Mr. Sturm is a founding partner of Sapir, Sturm & Co., with expertise in real estate and commercial law.

Guy has vast experience in representing local and multi-national real estate projects and transactions including acquisition, sale and lease of residential, commercial and industrial real estate, land and fields, yield bearer properties and planning and construction. Guy has been involved in numerous complicated transactions and was able to carry them out successfully.

Moreover, Guy specializes in legal aspects of complex real estate, project financing and subordinations.
One of his main areas of expertise is urban renewal projects, where he provides entrepreneurs, developers, constructors and owners with legal counsel with respect to projects carried under the Israeli National Outline Plan No. 38 (commonly referred to as "Tama 38"; projects designed to strengthen existing buildings from earthquake damages by additional construction to existing structures as well as demolition and construction).

Guy acquired his extensive and diverse legal expertise in real estate over years of accompanying projects and transactions in different capacities. Guy worked for six years as an attorney at the leading Israeli law firm Gornitzky & Co., where he represented local and foreign construction companies, real estate developers, sellers, purchasers and investors.

Guy later served as VP and Legal Counsel of one of the leading real estate groups in Israel, publically held and controlled by S. Eisenberg. In this capacity, he was involved in structuring, planning and executing a variety of real estate transactions, including yield bearing property projects and large scale residential construction projects, as well as ongoing commercial and financial aspects of the group. Guy also served as a director and an observer in the board of directors of several real estate and technology companies.

Furthermore, Guy is a well seasoned counsel on commercial and corporate law, providing his services to private and public companies, entrepreneurs and investors. He has accompanied numerous local and multi-national mergers and acquisitions transactions.
Guy leads his clients through the negotiation proceedings, drafting of transactions documents and coordination with the applicable regulatory authorities, such as the insurance and capital market supervisors, the Israeli Antitrust Authority and the Israeli Securities Authority.

Guy performs active reserve duty in the IDF, as an officer in a General Staff unit, where he was nominated several times as an outstanding individual. In his free time, Guy plays music and enjoys cooking to his family and friends.