Shiffman, Sapir, Sturm & Co. specializes in representing legal disputes that occasionally arise in the course of real estate transactions and projects, without the need to involve the courts. 

Our firm represents its clients in claims against contractors regarding defects and failures, injunction claims, evacuation claims and financial claims against tenants, negligence claims against lawyers regarding misconduct of real estate transactions, nuisances, planning and construction issues, contractual claims, condominiums, etc. 

The firm also specializes in alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods, such as arbitration, mediation and conciliation.

Shiffman, Sapir, Sturm & Co. provides its clients with legal counsel throughout all transactional phases. Our partners have comprehensive experience in handling complex real estate transactions, accumulated while practicing in some of Israel's leading law firms in the field. 

Our firm provides legal counsel to a variety of clients, from contractors, entrepreneurs and acquisition groups to land owners and private individuals. Our services include all forms of real estate transactions from their initial stages to their final completion, including sale and purchase transactions, complex combination transactions and transactions involving the Israel Land Administration.
In addition, our firm accompanies its clients through the financing aspects of real estate projects and transactions, and act as their liaison with banking and financial institutions.

In the last few years municipalities have been making efforts to promote and encourage urban renewal projects. However, only few of these plans have gone beyond the planning stages. Our partners are experienced in handling urban renewal projects, from their initial stages to their final completion, including managing the liaison with various professionals, receiving permits and working opposite committees and municipal authorities, accompanying the project's implementation etc. Our firm is highly active in this field. 

Our partners also use their experience and close acquaintance with municipal entities to assist our clients in overcoming obstacles derived from the complexity of the approval process of an urban renewal project, and in receiving permits and executing a desired project. Thus, our firm plays a dominant role in Israel's urban renewal field. 

In this framework, the firm handles tens of projects designed to strengthen existing buildings such as the national outline plans no. 38 and 38(2), evacuation-building projects, patio additions to existing buildings, etc.

Shiffman, Sapir, Sturm & Co. has vast experience in all aspects of commercial and corporate law, accumulated while providing legal counsel to some of Israel's largest and prominent companies. 

Our firm provides legal counsel to a diverse portfolio of companies in commercial related matters such as mergers and acquisitions; investment transactions in public and private companies, commercial agreements, labor law issues, IP related issues, legal counsel to directors and other functionaries, and ongoing legal counsel regarding the company's day-to-day activities. 

Furthermore, the firm assists entrepreneurs in forming new companies, including selecting the most appropriate structure that is consistent with the company's goals and purposes, as well as forming partnership agreements, shareholders agreements etc. 

Our firm sets availability and responsiveness as top priorities in our commercial services. Our partners personally accompany their clients throughout all their business initiatives and assist them in pursuing their goals persistently and intelligently. Our firm also represents our clients in various commercial disputes and all court appearances, as well as in alternative dispute resolution procedures.

Shiffman, Sapir, Sturm & Co. offers exceptional expertise in the planning and construction field. During the years, the firm's partners represented many municipal entities, including planning and construction committees, city engineers and some of Israel's largest municipalities. Our partners acquired unique knowledge regarding the way those entities operate, as well as profound understanding of planning and construction procedures, as well as permits allocation. 

The firm represents its clients in different procedures before local and national planning and construction committees, including appeal committees, value decrease claims under the 197 rule of the planning and construction law, administrative petitions etc. 

Furthermore, the firm provides its clients with various legal services including land betterment tax, development agreements, assets improvement, promoting plans before the relevant committees, licensing procedures, expropriations and compensation claims.
Moreover, our partners are experienced in different unique aspects of the planning and construction field, including agreements between entrepreneurs and municipalities, constructions rights mobilization, preservation programs etc.